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The Beauty Boxx

Need more space in your makeup bag or on your dresser?

Are you ready for an easy to clean carrying case for your makeup and skincare products?

Tired of bad lighting to do your makeup?


Our portable beauty boxx combines a high-definition and rechargeable LED ring light with a beautiful hard shell carrying case.  This lightweight beauty station makes the perfect gift for friends or family with their favourite products inside.


What you'll get:

1 Easy to clean carrying case with soft handle

1 LED ring light mirror with rear attachment

1 USB recharging cable

1 Instruction manual


TakeCare and say hello to a whole new vanity experience.


How to use: 

  • Recharge ring light with USB cable on the back of the mirror
  • Hold light sensor for dimable light settings (the best soft white lighting!)
  • Pivot rear attachment to set your orientation then place inside the box
  • Fill the lightweight carrying case with your favorite products!


Weight: 529 g (1.30 lb).
Dimensions: 9.50 in x 4.09 in x 4.00 in.

The Beauty Boxx

Beauty Boxx
  • Wipe surface, handle, mirror with damp cloth and soap. Leave box open to dry.


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