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The Beauty Boxx
  • The Beauty Boxx

    Need more space in your makeup bag?

    Tired of bad lighting everywhere you go?

    Ready for a minimal compact solution for makeup and skincare products?



    The Beauty Boxx combines a high-definition, rechargeable LED ring light with a beautiful hard shell carrying case for this exact solution.  A lightweight beauty station at home and on-the-go to fit all your cosmetics and make you feel beautiful everywhere.


    What you'll get:


    1 LED ring light mirror with rear attachment

    1 Softshell carrying case with adjustable handle

    1 USB recharging cable

    1 Instruction manual


    How to use: 

    • Recharge ring light with USB cable on the back of the mirror
    • Hold light sensor for dimable light settings (the best soft white lighting!)
    • Pivot rear attachment to set your orientation then place inside the box
    • Fill the lightweight carrying case with your favorite products!


    Weight: 529 g (1.30 lb).
    Dimensions: 9.50 in x 4.09 in x 4.00 in.


    TakeCare and say hello to a whole new vanity experience.

    Wipe surface, handle, mirror with damp cloth and soap. Leave box open to dry.

    Beauty Boxx